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We provide services in process automation in various fields of industry. We apply the latest trends in automation technology from the most renowned international manufacturers.

In the field of automation we do the sale, projection, project realization, testing and maintenance of all automated systems.

The projects include the following:

  • PLC(Programmable Logic Controller)
  • RTU(Remote Terminal Unit)
  • SCADA(Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition)
  • DCS(Distributed Control System)
  • Panel of Sensors and Actuators
  • Installing a computer network for communication between devices 
  • Frequency converters and
  • Other components to complete the entire system

The world's leading manufacturers of SCADA PLC systems

Also included in our projects are installation of licensed software, PLC programming, testing and maintenance of systems.

All the equipment used for the realization of the projects are standardized and for this we offer a 2 year guarantee!

Based on the advantages offered by this technology, all factories are moving to automated systems for the purpose of accuracy, safety, speed, efficiency and comfort that these systems offer to us.

While earlier many processes have been mechanical of an analogous nature today, with the application of this technology all of those devices can digitize and monitor real-time through computer applications. An example of the application of automatic systems in Kosovo are KOST, KEK, Pristina Water Supply and many other factories that produce or monitor all the activity they are applying.

We cooperate with manufacturers such as Siemens, ABB etc. for supplying software and equipment to the automated industry.