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- Supply and Installation of Modular
Switches of TU / TM / TL (12 kV, 24 kV, 35 kV)
- Delivery within the deadline set in the project

Energy is an important field in which we have
implemented many projects and we offer these services:
Sale, Assembly and Installation of Electrical Equipment
(For Voltage Levels):
- High Voltage (TL) 400/220/110 kV
- Middle Voltage (TM) 35 / 10kV
- Low Voltage (TU) 0.4 kV

• Air and ground lines (TL / TU)
• Electric pillar
• Generator and Electric Motors
• TMRR and TMT
• Power Switch (12 kV, 24 kV, 35 kV)
• Voltage divider
• Automation of Devices by PLCs
• Reactive Energy Compensator

We provide services in the field of high, medium and low voltage power, including Transmission, Distribution and Generation.

We have 15 years experience in all energy services and products ranging from sales, design, assembly, management transplantation and installation of the following equipment, measurements and testing after release at work.

We have implemented many projects in Kosovo mainly in KEK, as well as other businesses.

We are representatives of well-known manufacturers of MAREL electrical appliances. We also cooperate with the supplier for Kosovo for materials and electrical components Kujta Prishtina.

  • Works which the company Inline Engineering performs:
  • Supply and installation of various generators and power motors depending on requirements.
  • Supply with Transformer (10 (20) /0.4kV) and 35 / 0.4 kV up to 1600kV
  • Memory Protection
  • Technical Measurement and Measurement of Earth Resistance and Stepping and Tensioning
  • Trafo-Station Projects

We follow the instructions and regulations of the electricity regulator and KEDS in Kosovo as well as other international guidelines for standardization of equipment.

Each project is first realized by the engineers’ staff in our company in the software and the simulators and then passes to the implementation phase.

All of our projects are reviewed by licensed departmental experts at the Ministry of Planning and Spatial Planning within the Kosovo Government.