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We also pay special attention to green energy.
We offer green energy products and services, which is the most efficient of all forms of energy, harmless to the environment beneficial for people and is recognized as the energy of the future.
Our team ensures that you have an environment of energy less harmful, more efficient and less costly;
• Photovoltaic panels (Solar)
• Accumulating Batteries (DC)
• Inverters (DC-AC)
• Generators video
• UPS - Batteries

Renewable Energy Resources (RES) is an important element of the energy sector. These resources are based on the realization of three main goals supporting overall economic development, enhancing security of energy supply and environmental protection. The Republic of Kosovo is a member of the Task Force on Renewable Energy Sources, created as part of the Secretariat Energy Community (SKE).

Being an active participant in these mechanisms, it has an obligation to implement the joint requests of the participating parties in relation to a better promotion of the use of RES for the purpose of local consumption and has for the purpose of achieving by 2020 at least 20% of the final consumption goals of RES. One of the renewable energy sources is the solar system that transforms solar energy into electricity without the need for rotating equipment. Solar radiation in Kosovo is estimated to be between 1500 and 1650 kWh / m2 per year.

With approximately 278 sunny days, Kosovo can be considered as a country with clear predispositions for using this resource. Likewise, the intensity of rays during these days is considered to be similar to the countries that have just started installing solar panels.

Based on the geographic position and the climatic conditions of Kosovo, solar energy can be used to a considerable extent for sanitary water heating and photovoltaic energy production. Inline Engeneering projects all the solar modules components modules in response to the needs of beneficiaries.

We offer the sale, installation, implementation and maintenance of all solar panels in different sized buildings. We also have agreements with local solar panel manufacturers Jaha Solar in Kosovo !! All the equipment used for realization of the projects are standardized and for this we offer a 2 year guarantee!