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Authorized Distributor and Strategic Partner for the Territory of Kosovo

MAREL d.o.o. the main business activity is the production of cable cables, joints, accessories for non-isolated LV networks up to 1 kV, LV ABC accessories and other cable accessories.

Elcon Megarad operates and is internationally recognized in the field of design and manufacture of accessories and components for low, medium and high voltage power cables and other products for insulation and electrical connection.

Cummins offers engines and generator sets across Europe, providing total product support for the region.

Ankara Seramik is the most progressive manufacturing company of porcelain insulators in Turkey due to innovative and innovative production flow systems.


RAGUM has been its main business activity; Lightning rods are self-supporting cable accessories, self-supporting cable accessories, used to hold uninsulated conductors of different voltage levels, and foam layer holders , wooden piles holders – beams, fences …